Spiritualist predicts more hurricanes in America

GOB | News | World    Last update: 04/10/2017 07:49:00
A renowned spiritual scientist, traditionalist and herbalist from Keta in the Volta Region, ‘Professor’ Torgbui Amuzu has predicted more hurricanes in the United States of America (USA) before the end of the year. According to him, these disasters would happen if American citizens and their leaders fail to recognize their sins against God and cleanse their nation of these ‘spiritual taboos’ against God. Torgbui Amuzu blamed the recent floods and destructions in that country on the institution, practice and legalization of homosexuality and lesbianism in the US. ‘Professor’ Amuzu who has more than 200 magical performances to his credit around the globe explained that indulging in homosexuality and lesbianism are the first fundamental sins against the Creator. He pointed out that America as a nation has lost the favour of God in recent years following the legalization and subsequent commitment of these barbaric acts by her citizens. He regretted that some Ministers of the Gospel in America who are supposed to guide and lead their flocks or congregations out of the canker are themselves involved in these shameful acts. He was of the view that God would not only judge these spiritual leaders but also punish them severely for their deeds. ‘Professor’ Amuzu is noted to have made similar revelations in recent years with the last of such predictions on the 2016 Ebola disease outbreak in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and neighbouring Togo which he emphatically predicted would not find its way into the country. He also dismissed any terror attack on the country last year as prophesized by Prophet T.B. Joshua of Nigeria to hit the sub-region. In 2012, Professor Amuzu predicted the demise of the late President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, a revelation that though disregarded and disagreed by many people had come to pass. Torgbui Amuzu warned that if the US does not heal herself of such taboos against God, a bigger hurricane would hit the country before the end of the year. Such winds, he said would cause a bigger damage to property including the destruction of tall and huge buildings which would affect the economy of America. The hurricanes would also lead to the death of thousands of people including children as God did to Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible.
CREDIT : Ivy Setordjie